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1965 - 1973 Deutsche Schule Istanbul
1973 - 1979 Mechanical Engineering, University of Darmstadt
23.11.1979 Diploma (Dipl.-Ing.): Mechanical Engineering, University of Darmstadt
15.05.1980 - 14.05.1985 Research assistant at the Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering
Faculty of Chemical Engineering, University of Karlsruhe
20.07.1984 Ph. D.: Faculty of Mechanics, University of Darmstadt
Ph. D. Thesis: Theoretical Study on Viscoelastic Contact
01.12.1985 - 30.09.1990 Senior research assistant at the Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering,
Faculty of Chemical Engineering, University of Karlsruhe
06.07.1990 Habilitation Dr. rer. nat. Ing. habil.: University of Karlsruhe
Thesis: Compressible Non-Newtonian Fluids
01.10.1990 - 31.03.1993 Research engineer at Fraunhofer-Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT), Pfinztal
06.07.1990 - 31.03.1993 Lecturer for Fluid Dynamics at the University of Karlsruhe
01.04.1993 - 30.09.1998 Full Professor (Chair) of Fluid Dynamics
Technical University of Chemnitz
01.10.1998 - 30.9.2019 Full Professor (Chair) of Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics
University of Bayreuth
01.10.2019 Professor emeritus


Scientific and Professional Societies

  • Member of the Managing Board of the GAMM (International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics) (1 January 2003 - 31 December 2008)
  • Member of Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG),
  • Member of Deutsche Rheologische Gesellschaft (DRG),
  • Member of the American Institute of Physics (AIP),
  • Member of The Society of Rheology (SoR)

Editorial Activities

Referee for the Journals

  • Appl. Math. Lett.
  • Chem. Eng. Sci.
  • Computers and Fluids
  • Europ. J. Mech. B - Fluids
  • Exp. in Fluids
  • Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer
  • Int. J. Multiphase Flow
  • J.Colloid Interface Sci.
  • J. Eng. Math.
  • J. Fluid Mech.
  • J. Non-Newt. Fluid Mech.
  • J. Rheol.
  • Meccanica
  • Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
  • Phys. Fluids
  • Phys. Lett. A
  • Phys. Rev. E
  • Phys. Rev. Fluids
  • Polymer
  • Rheol. Acta
  • ZAMP

Books and Book Chapters

Review Article

N. Aksel, M. Schörner
Films over topography: from creeping flow to linear stability, theory, and experiments, a review
Acta Mechanica Bd. 229 (2018) Heft 4. - S. 1453-1482


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A biological cell monolayer shearing apparatus for diagnostic purposes
European patent EP 07114178.2
P. Fernandez; A. Ott; P. A. Pullarkat; N. Aksel; L. Heymann

Professional Distinctions

  • Invited Speaker at the GAMM-Meeting, Augsburg, 2002
  • Invited Chairman for thin films, ICTAM, Warsaw, 2004
  • Visiting Fellowship Award (EPSRC) for 6 months to University of Leeds (2008/2009)
  • Invitation to chair thin films, ICTAM, Milan, 2020; declined due to retirement

Academic Responsibilities

  • Member of the Ethic Committee at the University of Bayreuth (2006-2019)

Former PhD Students

Former PostDocs

External Reviewer in the Promotion to full Professor of

  • Prof. J.-P. Pascal (Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada 2014)
  • Prof. S. D´Alessio (University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada 2012)
  • Prof. A. Oron (Technion, Haifa, Israel 2009)

International Visitors

  • Dr. M. Blyth (Univ. of East Anglia, UK)
  • Prof. V. Bontozoglou (Univ. of Thessaly, Volos, Greece)
  • Prof. C. Fetecau (Techn. Univ. of Iasi, Romania)
  • Prof. J. M. Floryan (Univ. of Western Ontario, Canada)
  • Prof. P. H. Gaskell (Durham Univ., UK)
  • Prof. E. Mogilevskiy (Lomonosov, Moscow, Russia)
  • Prof. A. Oron (Technion, Haifa, Israel)
  • Prof. M. Sellier (Univ. of Canterbury, New Zealand)
  • Prof. P. H. Steen (Cornell Univ., USA)
  • Prof. Y. Trifonov (Inst. of Thermophysics, Novosibirsk, Russia)
  • Prof. H. H. Winter (Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA)

 International Cooperations

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